Connectivity is King!

Now, with Xpodigital’s Virtual Presenter Network, you can make sure your presenter’s stream never fails.

Get a look at our HelloHybrid Solutions straight from our CEO and President!

Are your networks ready for your next virtual event?

If you can’t say YES to these key points below, let us help you get prepared!

  • Do you have cloud-based control of all your event presenters?
  • If your main network, or remote presenter, drops connection, does your event have a secure failover?
  • Can you effectively set up and test your remote speaker’s network?
  • Do you have a dashboard for live event monitoring and reporting?

Delight current customers and gain new ones as well.

  • Confidently offer your attendees content that you know will be delivered reliably and without incident.
  • Don’t leave people asking, “What just happened to that speaker!?”
  • Reduce the unknowns that come from home and office networks.
  • Enjoy a cloud-based solution with full monitoring and control of remote presenters.
  • Have peace of mind thanks to the experts at Xpodigital.

Let Xpodigital help you provide the ultimate streaming event experience!

With over 20 years of experience servicing Fortune 100 Tech events and hospitality groups across the globe, we know how to maximize your communication and event efforts.