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Content strategy can be overwhelming, but at Xpodigital we promise to never let you drown in the sea of opportunity that is content.

To start, focus on a single question about the content you are looking to create. ‘How will my guests react to seeing this content?’.

Imagine them walking past your #digital display and taking a moment to stop and be entranced, influenced by the #content. Focus on the reactions they have.

We have three fundamental questions that we ask each of our clients looking to create new content:

  • Who is this content for?
  • Where will this content be seen?
  • What is the end goal of this content – what action do you want to be taken by the viewer?

Consider this fact, you’re designing for a person; a specific person with a life that varies from moment to moment, interaction to interaction. The person checking in, tired in the lobby isn’t the same person who is hungry and ready for a meal stepping off the elevator.
Always think first of the end-user when considering the best next actions for creation.

Think about where it is that your content will be seen, both geographically and in reference to your displays positioning and location as it relates to on-site amenities. Again, think like your guest and focus on what the best interactions are for the outlets, services, and amenities that would be around you.

Lastly, consider the end goal of your creation. Are you driving traffic to a particular resort spot, connecting with your audience, influencing them to take an action, creating a local community vision, or reaffirming your brand?
When creating content, consider these three things and you’ll be well on your way to developing inspiring and creative Client driven design.