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These days it has become incredibly common, and expected, to encounter digital signage at every turn – making SMART investment decisions for your solutions will help keep your signage at the ready for years to come.

Digital signage is built for hospitality, food and beverage, corporate, healthcare, convention centers and more. That means having flexible and trustworthy solutions – from meeting room signs, readerboards, LED video walls and beyond.

When planning for the future of your signage solutions consider the options available that will protect and extend the life of your technology.

There are two areas of care to consider:

  • Hardware solutions
  • Enclosure solutions

When choosing a solutions partner check the type of hardware that is being used. You don’t want to get stuck with slow or soon to be outdated technology, or with screens and hardware that aren’t built to last will cause you headaches sooner than you think.

At Xpodigital, we help make your plans a reality by working with the highest quality commercial-grade monitors that are designed to run 24/7.  A running system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will take a toll on cookie-cutter enclosures. Pre-made enclosures with low-quality materials will wear out and fail your hardware. We protect your investment with the best life-extending protection by using top quality materials, and custom-designed enclosures for proper ventilation. Our enclosures are created to both preserve and enhance your signage.

While adapting to new technologies may not always be an option, planning for the future is. Stay SMART with your digital signage investment and reap the benefits of a well working system for years to come.