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In the world of digital signage, you really need to stand out. To overcome, surpass, and stand strong amongst other experiences is a difficult thing to do. When you think of a human experience it is usually tied to a place or event. With today’s technologies, making a digital experience within your place of business is more possible than ever and Xpodigital will help get you there.

How can you directly interact with each and every guest on your property?

How can the experience you provide make a difference?

How will you catch their attention?

The answer is simple: anticipate the needs of your guests and speak directly to them.

Hint: It is important to remember that the person viewing your signs from one moment to the next will vary. Your content should be focused on each and every one of those personas in order to reach them where they are.


Consider the type of person viewing your digital displays. Imagine their day to day experience while on property. Imagine their purpose; is their stay for leisure or business? Are they with family or on a romatic weekend getaway? What time of day or week is it?

The two hospitality examples below demonstrate how simple attention to detail can make all the difference when crafting an experience.

Scenario A: It is a Tuesday morning, at 8 am. It is the off-season for leisure travel and there is a conference in-house. Between daily room schedules, display a fresh, hot brew of coffee being poured into a mug followed by the Coffee Shop’s name and location. Who doesn’t need a nice cup of coffee before a day of meetings?

Scenario B: Saturday morning on Valentine’s day weekend in Florida. Display Spa information with a “Reserve Now” call-to-action. Next, feature the champagne toast taking place during sunset at the Porch Bar just off the main pool.

The two above examples are easy enough to conceive and truly make a difference in anticipating the needs of your guests. Each scenario speaks to a different guest at a different time, by anticipating the needs of your guests based on the context of their stay, you open opportunities to connect and earn more business.

It is clear, displaying the right information at the right time is critical. At Xpodigital, we work with you to discuss best practices that deliver a truly customized experience; a human experience.