Engaging your community is one of the benefits of showing great content on a digital signage system. Here’s what we suggest to start engaging your community with quality signage, today:

First, prepare a content strategy. By breaking down the most vital aspects of your business based on guest opportunity you have the best chance to genuinely connect with viewers. Opportunities to consider include various amenities, restaurants, and spectacular on-site sales.

Secondly, consider what will connect to your guests and cause them to stop and make a decision. For example, a guest who enjoys food may decide to peek in at an on-site bistro that has displayed decedent offerings on a nearby sign.

Busy business people may opt to stay on-site during lunch if an ad shared the property’s promise for quick, efficient service alongside a locally stocked kitchen.

A couple on a romantic holiday might splurge on a spa package if advertised on special.

Families may take advantage of a night in on-site if an activity that will entertain the little ones is shared.

Be sure to place emphasis on what will improve your guest’s experience with your property. Building the guests’ experience with you is, in fact, working to build your community.

Finally, launch your content and adjust as needed.

At Xpodigital, we create a content strategy designed to lay a foundation for successful engagement with your guests. Let us partner with you to achieve your goals.