When a user experiences an ad more than one time, they’ve been retargeted. When you retarget you’re growing a relationship, reminding and gently encouraging viewers to take action.

How can you double your opportunity for Return On Investment (ROI) with digital signage? By engaging a strategy that involves retargeting.

According to research by 99firms – ‘Users who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert.’ So if your Guests see an advertisement, more than once, they’re 70% more likely to take advantage of that call to action.

Embracing this opportunity is effortless with digital signage!

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Increase your retargeting power by sharing the right content at the right time. Take the example below:

For a weekend wedding, advertise amenities like group dinners, cabana rentals, and even spa gift vouchers. Consider what would be valuable to the viewer. Time the content to entice and remind the guest that there’s a limited time to book and retarget them often in the hours and days when they first are on the property to increase action.

On the other hand, if a weekend conference is your customer during the same time frame, advertising should be focused on that audience. Offer convenient grab-and-go food amenities and hot coffee, timed to entice them at key decision points – like meeting breaks and that classic afternoon “lull” when people need a “kick” to keep going.

The key to retargeting is having your message firmly ingrained in the viewer’s memory. You are promoting an action.  Master this skill and you’ll create an ongoing resource for growth.

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